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Friday, 12 August 2011

Michael Rabbett - In good company

The life of Michael Rabbett seems almost completely undocumented. Like Melchizedek of old in the book of Genesis, we know neither his date of birth, nor the day of his passing from this world to the next. But, again, he is for ever remembered in heaven, for being among such illustrious company, bringing the Word of God in a definitive way to the English speaking world.

View of Great Court, Trinity College, Cambridge

Rabbett was a graduate in Divinity from Trinity College, Cambridge. He was chosen to share the responsibility of translating the epistles of Paul, along with William Barlow (Director), John Spenser, and Ralph Hutchinson. He must have been well trained in linguistic Greek, but we know little else that recommended him for the task

Michael Rabbett became Rector of St Vedast, Foster Lane, London

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