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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Robert Spalding - Hebrew Professor

Robert Spalding was a fellow of St. John’s College, Cambridge. We don’t know his date of birth, but he succeeded Edward Lively as Regius Professor of Hebrew in Cambridge University in 1605. Spalding was appointed to the first Cambridge group of translators of the King James Version.

The first Cambridge group was responsible for revising the Old Testament books from Chronicles to Ecclesiastes. Its members were Roger Andrewes (or Andrews), master of Jesus College, Cambridge; Andrew Byng, a prebendary of York, where he later became subdean; Laurence Chaderton, one of the original delegates at Hampton Court; Francis Dillingham, a prolific theological writer; Thomas Harrison, a biblical scholar reputedly second only to Andrewes in learning; Edward Lively, a Hebraist whose death in 1605 prevented his participation in the work; Robert Spalding, a fellow of St John's College; and John Richardson (d. 1625). It was natural and inevitable that Cambridge University should dominate this group. (1)

Robert Spalding died in 1626.

(1) Westbrook, Vivienne (2004) Oxford Dictionary of National BiographyAuthorized Version of the Bible, translators of the.

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